Multi-tasking is what comes naturally to me. While balancing studies and friends, I played volleyball, basketball and softball in college. I even played volleyball semi-professionally on the beach and grass. (Definitely more scenic than a gym!)

My interests span the spectrum: Beyond sports, I was a musical theater girl growing up and through university. I can still spout the song lyrics to “Grease,” “Bye Bye Birdie,” “Annie”…

Before there was ever a woman on the network, I wanted to be an anchor at ESPN. Goals should be a little scary.

I was an Active Duty Army Officer for 10 years. You’ll see my patriotism shine through in all my pursuits everything I do – I love my country!


Getting to know people is a passion of mine. I was a bartender and waited tables for 6 years. You’d be surprised what you learn!

I’m a tomboy to the core, but I’ve always loved having my nails done! Balance is everything.

The long version…

My story is simple and my purpose is clear. While succeeding at different types of direct selling, at different companies and in different locations, one theme was constant: I was always a natural resource for my team. (No matter how large. I once lead a team of nearly 20,000 rockstars! Ask me how I did it sometime…)

Whether building higher at the top or rebuilding at the bottom, I’ve collected experience that is invaluable to women at every stage in this business. Direct selling is my passion – I believe it is a career every woman can tailor to any time or place in her life. I jumped into the industry in 2002, intrigued by the low-cost business model and enamored with the environment of mutual support and appreciation among colleagues. You can work from anywhere! You can be your own boss! You can profit at a level that makes you proud!

For me, success came quickly and consistently. Candles, bags, beauty (oh my!) You name it, I’ve done it. I built a team of close to 20,000 in 2 years and then restarted and built a team of 60 in six months. I climbed to the top .01% in 18 months…and again in less than 4 months. Our team regularly sold over 2 million dollars monthly…and even sold over 3 million a few months!  I know how to leave a company gracefully and start again at a brand that’s a better fit. I’ve climbed from each rung on the ladder. If you want to ask more about the past, just ask.

After the accolades have faded and the quarterly reports are filed, what remains is the wealth of knowledge I’ve learned. Wherever you are in your career journey, wherever you want to be – I am YOUR resource.

Let me unstick your stuck.

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